Peter Capaldi will reprise his role of the twelfth Doctor from previous seasons
Peter Capaldi will reprise his role of the twelfth Doctor from previous seasonsFacebook / Doctor Who

Though the next season of BBC's long-running science-fiction series "Doctor Who" won't air before next year, the fans can't help speculating what might show up in the upcoming instalment of the series. Latest rumours have stated that the cast of "Doctor Who" has been seen in a prominent British location that might hint at the next season's plot.

According to recent reports, "Doctor Who" cast and crew was spotted filming at a well known location in Bristol. Since the area is known for celebrations and festivities, several observers who have seen the shooting are speculating that some kind of party is going to take place in the upcoming season.

The venue where the cast is shooting is the famous Kings Weston House in Bristol. According to Bristol Post, though the house is ancient, it's magnificent and grand. It was built in the 18th century and has spacious grounds along with numerous outbuildings.

Peter Capaldi, who plays the current Doctor in the series, was spotted shooting with his new companion, actress Pearl Mackie. A photo of them was posted on the Instagram handle of "Doctor Who" with the caption "Just met Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie on the set of doctor who!"

The speculations state that there will be a wedding party showcased in "Doctor Who" Series 10 as Kings Weston House is a famous wedding venue in Bristol. Hence, the fans have obviously assumed that the upcoming season of the series might feature someone's wedding.

Besides it, several fans are also speculating that a festive occasion will be seen in Season 10 and a Christmas party might be showcased in the series, organised at the Kings Weston House.

Several Bristol locals have claimed that the front of the Kings Weston House was covered with fake snow and hence, they assumed that there might be a Christmas Eve taking place at the venue.

Before Season 10 airs next year, a Christmas Special episode will air on Dec. 25 on BBC One.