Peter Capaldi will reprise his role of the twelfth Doctor from previous seasons
Peter Capaldi will reprise his role of the twelfth Doctor from previous seasonsFacebook / Doctor Who

The upcoming season of BBC's science-fiction series "Doctor Who" will be introducing some new characters to the show, while some of the older ones will be returning too.

The new cast will either join as all new companions or will create a love-triangle plot within the overall story. Pearl Mackie has been confirmed to debut as Bill in Series 10 and she will be serving as the new companion of the current and twelfth Doctor (portrayed by Peter Capaldi).

Recent rumours state that Jenna Coleman, who played the character of Clara in the previous seasons, might make an appearance, though it is yet unclear whether she will return in the initial episodes or the later ones.

As reported by Vine Report, Coleman is satisfied the way Season 15 ended and she was also satisfied with her exit as according to her, show-runner Steven Moffat ensured that she exits the show with pride and fans can appreciate it. She further added that it was a unique memory of her life and she enjoyed every moment of it.

One of the other actors who also might be returning is Michelle Gomez a.k.a. Missy/the Master. Though Missy had a recurring role in the previous seasons, she made multiple appearances on the series. At the recent London Film and Comic-Con, Gomez expressed her interest in returning to the show, though it has not been officially confirmed whether she will come back or not.

Gomez further said that right now, she has no idea whether her character will return in the next season or not. Since Moffat will be leaving the show after the 2017 Christmas Special, fans are hoping that he might bring back some of the older characters, at least for a cameo.

"Doctor Who" Season 10 is expected to return sometime in 2017, though the official release date has not yet been revealed. In the mean time, fans can expect the show to return on Dec. 25 this year for its regular annual Christmas special.