Aidan Turner has starred in several prominent movies like "The Hobbit" trilogy and television series like BBC's "Poldark." Apart from it, he has also been in the run for next James Bond.

As reported by Radio Times recently, Turner was in talks for playing the next Doctor in BBC's iconic TV series "Doctor Who." However, much to the disappointment of his fans, he has turned down the role.

According to the website, Turner refused to portray the next Doctor because he thinks that his friend and fellow co-star from "Being Human" Russell Tovey is the best suitable person to take over the role of Doctor after Peter Capaldi.

Talking with Radio Times at MCM comic-con in London, Turner said: "He'd do a very good job, wouldn't he? Yeah, I'd be all for that. I'd sign that petition. He'd smash it – he'd kill it!" Turner was present at the event with Tovey and Lenora Crichlow as the panelist of a special "Being Human" reunion.

Crichlow also supported Turner's opinion, saying: "They'd be very lucky to have him. You'd be MY Doctor."

It was apparent that both of them were really positive about seeing Tovey becoming the Doctor. However, it seems Tovey was not very sure about it as after they finished, he commented, "So there you go."

There are several other contenders who have been in the race to don the Doctor's costume. However, which of them will be the final one, only the time will tell.