It's time for Whovians to gear up for the most Christmassy episode of "Doctor Who" yet, which will be aired at 5.15 PM (GMT) on BBC One. But it is not going to be one of those shows you would want your children to see, because according to the show runner Steven Moffat the "Doctor Who" Christmas special 2015 is going to be something of a "sex storm".

It is understandable, seeing as the episode titled "The Husbands of River Song" will mark the return of Alex Kingston as River Song, a fellow time traveller of the doctor, and his wife that he married during his eleventh incarnation. Obviously, her return would mean a lot of sexual tension, even if she is meeting Peter Capaldi's version of the Doctor for the first time.

The episode begins with the 12th Time Lord hiding in his Tardis, avoiding all sorts of Christmas celebrations, but is forced into an inter-galactic villain hunt when River's space ship crashes close by. Although the Doctor recognises her, she fails to do so, and it looks like she is married to someone else too; needless to say, the Doctor isn't very fond of him.

River's arrival also allows fans to get over their mourning period, following the death of Jenna Coleman's Clara. Following the tragic loss of a beloved companion, it would have been quite cold to add a new companion to the series, which is why bringing back a beloved character seems like a better plan.

Unlike Matt Smith's eleventh doctor, Peter Capaldi is closer in age to River Song, and would do justice in playing her husband; well, one of her husbands.

"The Husbands of River Song" will also feature comedians Matt Lucas and Greg Davies and will be aired at 5.15 PM on Friday, 25 December. You can also live stream the "Doctor Who" Christmas Special 2015 via BBC One Live. 

Here is a hilarious clip from the episode, in which River and the Doctor have just met: