After Marvel confirmed last month that Rachel McAdams has joined the cast of Marvel Cinematic Universe's upcoming movie "Doctor Strange," the industry was abuzz with the rumour that she has been cast as the female lead.

However, the studio never confirmed what character she was going to play in the movie, which led to speculations that the actress was either going to play the character of Clea, Doctor Stephen Strange's love interest, or Linda Carter, one of the Night Nurse characters from Marvel comic book.

Latino Review has reported that McAdams is going to play the character of Christine Palmer, a different Night Nurse character.

The site mentions that Palmer is the primary protagonist of Night Nurse #4 from 1973 and her background involves being a surgical assistant who would make a good counter-point to Dr. Strange's surgeon.

According to IGN, Marvel's "Daredevil" producer Steven S DeKnight had said that Rosario Dawson was originally planned to play the first Night Nurse Linda Carter. However, they changed the character to Claire Temple because Marvel had other plans for Linda Carter. It led to speculation that McAdams may play Carter, but now it seems the case is different.

Linda Carter first appeared in the mini-series "Doctor Strange: The Oath", where she had a romantic relationship with the sorcerer.

There has been no official confirmation from Marvel regarding the report and McAdams' character is yet to be announced by them.

Besides McAdams, Tilda Swinton and Chiwetel Ejiofor have also joined the cast as The Ancient One and the antagonist, Baron Mordo respectively. Other cast members and characters are yet to be revealed.

Also, we had reported earlier that Marvel president Kevin Feige has confirmed that the upcoming Phase Three superhero movie will be about the origins of doctor-cum-sorcerer Stephen Strange. Hence, odds are high that McAdams will be playing one of his earliest love interest.

"Doctor Strange" is all set to hit theatres on 4 November, 2016.