lemon water
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A number of health bloggers and beauty influencers swear by this 'magical drink' -- water and lemon, and advise people that it should be the first thing they should have right after waking up.

In fact, it's true that drinking hot water with lemon in the morning helps in digestion and hydration, but it's not really healthy for our teeth.

Dr Raha Sepehrara of Dental Suites Clinic told Metro.co.uk that a daily cup of hot water and lemon could wear away the enamel of our teeth, leading to sensitivity and also a yellow tinge.

"Tooth wear is caused by the acidity of the lemon which erodes the enamel of the teeth," Dr Raha explains.

She added: "Repetitive and frequent exposure to acidic drinks or foods can dissolve the enamel of the teeth, exposing the inner layer of the teeth called dentine, which is yellower than enamel and also very sensitive."

Moreover, after drinking hot water and lemon in the morning, people often tend to brush a little later, which may seem to be okay but "brushing shortly after wearing away the enamel could dissolve the enamel even more, effectively scrubbing away at a layer of your teeth," Metro.co.uk reported.

To avoid enamel erosion, Dr Raha recommends reducing the frequency of having hot water and lemon in the morning.

"If there is some damage already, it is important to stop this habit to prevent further damage," Dr Raha advises.

Brushing immediately after have hot water and lemon is a big no-no. It's advisable to have at least one or two hours gap between drinking hot water and lemon and brushing. Also, it's better to use fluoride toothpaste to remineralise the enamel.

Dr Raha also gives the suggestion of having a hot cup of water (without lemon) instead. It will give you the same hydration and digestive benefits, so that would be an easy swap and will make you feel all healthy and wouldn't damage your teeth as well.