Rama Rajamouli
Rajamouli and Rama with their son and daughter-in-law.Twitter

Director Rajamouli is one of the highest-paid directors of Telugu cinema. With Baahubali, he has scaled heights and become globally popular. While reports claim that the director gets paid around Rs 30 crore per project, he apparently is not even aware of what his bank balance is.

Although notable producers are waiting to work with Rajamouli, he works only one project at a time. 

In an interview with his wife Rama, a lot of things about Rajamouli were revealed. The information may leave Rajamouli's fans in shock. Rama said, "He never checks what his bank balance is. I mean he is never bothered. I am the one who takes care of all the transactions just to make sure what is coming and where it is going. His thoughts and focus are never on or about money."

Rama Rajamouli
Rajamouli with his wife Rama.Twitter

Rajamouli and his family members have seen a lot of ups and downs. There have been days when they struggled for money. That is why his wife Rama has begun making plans to keep their financial status stable. She said that she doesn't want their family to go back to that stage where they had nothing left.

"Money is never in Rajamouli's thoughts. In case you meet him somewhere and take him for a cup of coffee, you will end up paying the bill because he doesn't ever carry money with him. So I make sure I keep some money and cards with the driver in case of emergency," she said.

The director is currently busy working on RRR, which has Ram Charan Tej and Jr NTR in lead roles. The film is slated for release on July 30, 2020.