• Bad girl poster
    Bad girl posterTwitter/Nirmalya Dutta
  • Ideal boy poster
    Ideal boy posterTwitter/Nirmalya Dutta

Do you have breasts? Have you been to Goa? Do you ride a motorbike?

If your answer is 'yes' to all these, then you are a "Bad Girl", according to a poster that has gone viral on social media.

Apart from the huge pile of Do's and Don'ts of our society, including the usual smoking, drinking and watching pornography, the new poster asks girls a way too much to be modest.

According to the viral picture chart, titled "Bad Girl" or "Ek Buri Ladki", a girl is bad if she can't make round rotis, or if she walks outside with hair off. Even taking selfies with pout face is also considered bad for a woman.

Meanwhile, a chart on an ideal boy has also gone viral on social media, which also hints at 'staring at teacher's tits' and 'waking up with a boner' as good habits of an ideal boy.

Many have shared the sarcastic poster on the social media.

Reema Roy

#BadGirls Spoof bt sum took it literally as most of our Bhartiya Society members will agree wid dis! Je Suis #BadGirl

Aditi Mathur

I am a #BadGirl because I have very singular tastes. Like going out with open hair. #shorthairanyway


One of those days on Twitter where everyone's trying really hard to be funny and failing badly. #BadGirl

Bored Womaniya

#BadGirls don't tie their hair. Ever. Please pass me my #BadGirl certificate.


Damn! I need to learn how NOT to make round rotis to qualify for being a #BadGirl!