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Erjona Sulejmani, wife of Blerim Dzemaili of Switzerland is seen prior to the UEFA EURO 2016 Group A match between Switzerland and France at Stade Pierre-Mauroy on June 19, 2016 in Lille, FrancePaul Gilham/Getty

This has been a widely debated topic since time immemorial: Do players/fighters like some hot sex before matches or fights...or does it in any way affect the performance of the athletes on the D-Day? Well, a concrete answer is yet to be found.

Almost like the age-old question: Which came first -- the chicken or the egg.

Nevertheless, a stunning Albanian beauty Erjona Sulejmani has answered the question if footballers like to have sex before matches.

NO! The 30-year-old says. Instead, the footballers prefer masturbating!


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Just in case you start believing that Sulejmani has made another random assumption, let us tell you that she is the wife of a footballer. The smoking hot model is married to Swiss footballer Blerim Dzemaili, who plays for Italian Serie A side Bologna as a midfielder.

She is also the mother of a child!

"Players are not keen [on sex before matches]. Many choose DIY (Do it yourself)," Sulejmani said, as per the Sun.


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Sulejmani, who has close to 200k followers on Instagram, came to limelight during Euro 2016 when she used to support her husband from the stands. Her gorgeous looks and stunning body made the revered magazine GQ Italy magazine bestow her with the sexiest-supporter award.