Sometime we regret sending an email for several reasons. Such a predicament can be solved easily If email service providers offer a feature to retract mails even after sending them. Techcrunch reports that a new service,  Dmail, is offering such a service by allowing a self-destructing option for mails, which the sender can enable. The Dmail service works on the Gmail platform and help users to destroy any email sent through Gmail.

Though email clients like Microsoft Outlook give options to retract mails, the feature can be used only on the company intranet. Gmail also offers a similar feature, Un-Send. However, it should be used within 30 seconds of sending a mail.

That is why Dmail is superior; it can actually retract a mail anytime after sending it.

The Dmail is a Google Chrome-only browser extension. Once installed, a new option will appear in Gmail compose section. You need to turn on the service and then need to specify a particular time when the email need to be destroyed. The provided options for retracting an email are an hour, a week or never. For retracting an email, you just need to click on the Revoke Email button. The service will work even if you chosen the never option while sending the email.

After you retract an email, the recipient will see a prompt which read as "This email has been destroyed and is no longer available."

The Dmail is a freemium service, which means that while it is free to download and use, a few options will be available only if you pay for it.

You can download the Chrome extension from here-