Matrice 600 DJI
The Matrice 600 drone paired with the Ronin-MX stabilizerDJI media kit

When one thinks of professional-quality drones, DJI is definitely a name that comes to mind. The company has unveiled few new products it had hidden under its sleeve. The launches include the Matrice 600 drone, the Ronin-MX camera stabiliser and the Osmo RAW system.

Talking about the Matrice 600, the six-rotor drone can carry a payload of up to 6kg and can fly up to 36 minutes when paired with DJI's proprietary Zenmuse X5 camera. The flight time drops to 16 minutes if paired with other cinema-quality cameras like the Red Epic or the Arri Alexa. Based on what kind of payload the drone is carrying, it can automatically adjust flight parameters, the company said in a statement.

The Matrice 600 is fully compatible with the Ronin-MX stabiliser, which serves as a universal mount for cinema cameras. The Ronin-MX, like the Matrice, works with a wide selection of DJI's accessories. Controllable via the DJI GO app, users can control camera angles and being compatible with DJI Focus, camera control is also a breeze. The stabiliser can also be paired with cranes and supports hand-held shooting.

The Ronin-MX retails for $1,599 and when bundled with the $4,599 Matrice 600, the package will cost $5,999.

 DJI's less professional offering is the Osmo RAW system, which integrates the Zenmuse X5, DJI's Ficro Four Thirds 4K camera with the Osmo hand-held stabiliser. According to DJI, the Zenmuse X5R will attach to the Osmo via and adaptor and can be controlled through the DJO GO app as well as the DJI Focus unit. DJI has not confirmed either the pricing or the availability of the Osmo RAW system.