Diego Bolivar Melo
Diego Bolivar Melo

Kio DJ or DJ Kio is a very famous internationally recognized DJ Artist in the world. His full name is Diego Bolivar Melo. He was born in Bogota in Colombia and he is well known Colombian producer And DJ ARTIST and he is well known as being the first Columbian DJ ARTIST who has played in the Playboy mansion and also he is recognized as Karol G's first DJ Artist as well.

As mentioned earlier the Kio DJ was born in Bogota in Colombia on May 4th, 1987. But from his young age, he used to show a lot of interest in music and everything about music. At the very tender age of 15 years, he created music and also formed his own band as well. And for which he got sponsorship from the Mayor's office to work properly and also grabbed a lot of opportunities as well. They first performed at a Christmas celebration and all the people there came to recognize him and his band as well.

However, all these small achievements came into highlight when Kio got his first deal as a DJ with the world-famous producer Flamingo records and Diamond records. And from there his career got the push with his first singles Bomba (Lil Slim) La Playa and Palabras del Alma (Karol G).

After all this, his career took a big shift where he performed the opening act together with Karol G and Don Omar at Concerto de Conciertos in 2008. This happened in the world-famous show Cartagena in 2008. Even in the same year he also participated in Daddy Yankees' Big Boss tour in California, Medellin, and also in his home town Bogota. He even did a lot of collaboration with various different artists like J Balvin, Yelsid, Jay el Exagerado, Final y Shako, and also with Dragon y Caballero. And all these were nationally very much renowned artists in this world.

However, shortly after that, he moved to Los Angeles, where he signed up a contract with White Horse Records and from which he debuted in different clubs which were there in the city. And later he became a resident in Los Angeles as well.

But in 2011, he came back to Colombia, and then he launched Music with Laboratories and Jerau, single "Date La Vuelta'. He even assisted some of the major DJs as well like in the creation of Juliana Cadena by DJ Queen. And thus, this took him to the 3 year international tours with DJ Queen which was considered as one of the most controversial performances ever in the history of music.

Although right now, he is in the Middle East, Dubai, where he got a contracted work at Savage Garden and also collaborated with a lot of performances in Dubai as well as in Paris, Oman, and Turkey. In 2018-19, he was invited to F1 in Abu Dhabi where he launched his 2nd single as well. After he signed a contract with Pragma Group and became a resident at the Billionaire mansion and after that at Cirque Le Souir.