After the "Ice bucket" challenge, the new campaign gaining popularity is called "Dizzy Goals" challenge. Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez recently took up the challenge and the latter in fact completed it. Akshay however, had two big falls.

The "Dizzy Goals" challenge involves two footballs. The participant is required to put one hand on one of the balls and have 13 spins around it. Then try to kick the other ball (kept at a distance of six metres) into the goal, without taking a break.

Akshay Kumar and Jacqueline Fernandez were on the sets of the upcoming movie, "Housefull 3", when they decided to give it a try. Akshay was the first one to try it. He had the spins successfully but ended up falling twice and could not kick the ball inside the goal. However, Jacqueline who took up the challenge convincingly completed it.

While a number of international sports stars have tried to complete the "Dizzy Goals" challenge, not many Indian celebs have attempted it and very few have actually completed it. Jacqueline is apparently the first from the Bollywood to complete the task.

The "Dizzy Goal" challenge is a part of the Global Goals campaign by the United Nations to spread awareness regarding poverty, inequality and climate change.

Check how Akshay falls twice trying to do the task.

Check how Jacqueline completes the task in style.