In the latest development in "Diya Aur Baati Hum", Suraj (Anas Rashid), who is mentally ill, is happy to meet Lalima, whom he assumes to be his dead wife Sandhya (Deepika Singh).

Seeing Suraj happy, Bhabho, who has been trying to bring a new lady in her devastated son's life, decides to get him married to Lalima. 

While interacting with Lalima, Bhabo gets to know that she is the daughter of the man who had bought Suraj's shop. Lalima informs Bhabo that she has now taken over the shop after her father's demise. 

Meanwhile, Bhabhasa, unhappy with Bhabho's decision, asks her to re-think on the wedding as it would be incorrect to get Lalima married to a mentally imbalanced Suraj. Bhabho, however, remains firm on her decision, saying she has no qualms in lying to Lalima for the sake of Suraj's happiness.

On the other hand, Sandhya, who is on a secret "Mission Mahabali", has changed her identity to Sagarika Das. She has managed to take shelter in the village and collect enough information to grab the terrorists.

It now remains to be seen if Bhabho gets Suraj married to Lalima. What will happen when Sandhya returns home to her family? Will Suraj ditch Sandhya and end his relationship with her for Lalima?