Star Plus' "Diya Aur Baati Hum" witnessed the wedding of Aaryan (Kunal Khosla) and Arzoo (Prachi Tehlan) amidst a major drama.

However, in the upcoming episodes, the makers will include some light-hearted moments when new bride Arzoo makes her entry into the Rathi household. The sequence will be fun-filled as the well-built bride will run around the streets of Pushkar.

"Arzoo's doli will be entering the Hanuman Gali when she will sight a lizard in the near vicinity. And the tall and hefty girl who would be really scared upon seeing lizards will jump out of her doli, and run along the streets screaming for help. This will be a sight for all the residents who would start gossiping about the very different bahu of Bhabho, (sic)" a source told Telly Chakkar.

Viewers will also be treated to some hilarious scenes wherein Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela) will find it difficult to match up to her unusual bahu, who is much taller than her.

Prachi, who made her acting debut with "Diya Aur Baati Hum," is a national-level netball and basketball player. She was the captain of the Indian Netball Team in the 2010 Commonwealth Games before turning into an actress. 

In other news, Kunal recently got involved in an ugly spat with co-actor Anas Rashid, who plays the male lead Suraj.

Apparently, Anas was upset with the new cast of the show and was expressing his views on it when Kunal intervened and the two had a heated argument. The fight resulted in Kunal leaving the sets without shooting his scene. Later, Neelu had to interfere and sort out the issue between the actors.