Horrifying time for pets, especially man's best friend, has arrived. You may hear dogs bark every night but not during Diwali season. With people bursting firecrackers everywhere - on the streets, by-lanes and terraces, stray animals bear the worst brunt of Diwali celebrations. They are literally scared to the skin. It is not uncommon to hear complains of pet dogs gone missing during Diwali season.

Pets don't enjoy Diwali

Pet owners say that their pets are left horrified by the loud sound of the firecrackers. "Happy Diwali Folks. long night ahead. Under the weather plus the fireworks are freaking the dogs out so they get to cling to me 2nite," wrote Indian ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi on his Twitter page.

"My dog feels uneasy and scared every Diwali. He looks for hiding place every time he hears loud sound," complains Prakash from Bangalore. "My cats used to run around most of the time, but with people starting to play with firecrackers, they hide under the bed most of the time," says Regina, a college student.

Pets especially dogs have hard time during Diwali season because of their sensitivity to sound. A dog's hearing ability is seven times that of human's and some frequencies of sound register 40 times more in dogs than they would in human beings. So, sudden change in the environment and loud noise disturb them.

How to take care of man's best friend on Diwali?

1. Keep your pet indoors during Diwali.
2. Don't leave them alone at home.
3. Serve good food to them at a time when people don't play with firecrackers much.
4. Don't tie your pet during Diwali season because it can hurt itself while trying to run away out of fear.
5. Prepare a cozy sleeping place for your pet.
6. Don't play with firecrackers in the presence of your pet because pets, especially dogs have the habit of catching whatever the master touches or throws.