People look forward to Diwali (Deepavali) festival to burst firecrackers is part of the celebrations but it's a harrowing time for pets such as cats and dogs, especially man's best friend, dog. 

The sound of firecrackers is certainly not pleasant to human ears, actually it's irritating at times. So, imagine how pets like dogs and cats that have a much better sense of hearing than humans feel during Diwali when people play with firecrackers almost anywhere – streets, footpath and terraces.

In fact, stray dogs suffer more during this festive season, as they have nowhere to turn to, with the territory they roam about under attack during bursting of crackers. They are rarely heard barking like they usually do, forget about being seen in the streets. It is obvious that they go through a horrifying time.

Pets are a bit better off compared to stray ones but that doesn't mean they are not disturbed. It is not uncommon to hear complaints of pet dogs and cats gone missing during Diwali. 

"My dog goes hiding under the bed and other dark corners of the room out of fright during Diwali. It is obvious that sound of firecrackers disturbs her," said Roger, 25, from Bangalore.

"I have two cats and they go through a horrible time during Diwali. I try to make them feel secure and comfortable by caressing them on my laps but they panic on hearing sound of firecrackers and go hiding. One of my cats didn't come home for days after running away in panic on Diwali last year," said Felix, studying at St. Joseph's College, Bangalore.

Sensory organs of pets, especially dogs, are much more powerful than that of humans. So, a sudden change in the environment, especially smell and loud noise, tend to disturb them.

How to take care of man's best friend during Diwali:

1. Prepare a cozy place for your pet to sleep

2. Keep your pet indoors 

3. Don't leave them alone at home

4. Feed them with good food

5. Feed stray dogs in your neighbourhood 

6. Don't tie your pets as it can hurt them while trying to escape out of fear

7. Don't keep your pets on the terrace

8. Tie a name tag with contact information in case it runs away out of fear

9. Don't take your pet for walk in the streets

10. Don't play firecrackers in the presence of your pet, especially dogs, as they have the habit of catching whatever their master touch or throw