Diwali celebrations REUTERS

In the countdown to Diwali, children are gearing up to dress their best and enjoy the featival with lights and fireworks. Though this time of the year is exciting, the fun and frolic occassionally turn into a nightmare, with several accidents and injuries due to faulty crackers or mere carelessness.

Here are a few points to remember this Diwali and keep the merriment going:

1. Keep young children away from any kind of fireworks as well as candles and diyas.
2. Always light fireworks outside the house in open spaces like the driveway or the terrace.
3. Supervise children when they light any kind of fireworks, even something as small as a sparkler.
4. Make sure children hold the fireworks away from the body.
5. Wear proper fitting clothes. Loose clothes run the risk of catching fire easily.
6. Wear cotton clothes and avoid wearing synthetic clothes as they easily catch fire.
7. Keep a bucket of water ready to be used in case a fire breaks out.
8. Keep a first aid kit handy.
9. Get immediate medical help in case of major burns.
10. Buy only good quality crackers.

1. Do not bend over fireworks while lighting them. Instead keep them at arm’s length.
2. Do not let children light fireworks.
3. Never light fireworks while holding them.
4. Do not go near fireworks immediately after lighting them.
5. Do not try to reignite faulty fireworks.