Divyanshu Dixit

Divyanshu Dixit, says he's is a rising entrepreneur today from India in the vast music field. He believes that working without an aim doesn't lead anybody anywhere in life. One needs to have a certain goal and develop the mind to adjust as per the changing situations and trends of their industry to go ahead in making it huge in their careers.

Divyanshu Dixit says he exudes pure passion, love and enthusiasm to take on the world of entrepreneurship in the music space of India.

He says he has studied B-tech and his growing interest and intrigue in the music world took him towards the same and instilled in him great passion for becoming an entrepreneur. He says it takes a lot of courage for youngsters to take that first step into the entrepreneurial and is trying to make his name as a young entrepreneur in the music field.

He says he set his mind at the beginning itself that he would do something to promote original singers and Indian music, which encouraged him to start his firm. His company is focused on giving industry opportunities to rising talents as well as those who have been at the top in the past and want to get back their popularity. As a huge fan of Indian music and as an entrepreneur he wants to contribute great talent to the industry by serving them the right opportunities, through his firm that they may not get anywhere else.

He has also focused on developing public relations, which has helped him expand his reach.