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Divya Agarwal, the winner of MTV Ace of Space, brought home Rs 7 lakh as prize money alongside the champ's trophy. Divya additionally also discovered love on the show in co-contestant Varun Sood. Prior to entering the show, the two were "just friends" yet Varun proposed Divya on the show and she acknowledged it.

Divya Agarwal spoke to International Business Times India on winning the show, her love and furthermore ex-boyfriend Priyank Sharma.

1. When did you actually feel that Varun is "the person"?

There were many instances where I felt that this friendship could turn into something but I kept ignoring. It hit me for real during the Diwali party where we both had to dance. It felt so magical. It was right.

2. Don't you think that Varun and you walked the same path as Priyank and Benafsha?

What they both did was wrong because they had partners outside waiting for them. This wasn't the same for Varun and I. We were not dating anyone outside. We didn't have anyone close to us than each other. So, this is very different from Priyank and Benafsha.

3. Vikas definitely played cupid between you two, isn't it?

(Laughs) More than Vikas, Chetna Pande played the cupid. Vikas made us realise our love for each other.

4. Would you do Bigg Boss after this?

Honestly, in my opinion, Ace of Space is tougher to survive in than Bigg Boss. This reality show was a big challenge personally. I would love to participate in Nach Baliye or Jhalak Dikhlaja.

5. What did you learn about yourself while you were inside?

I am much stronger than I was before. I emerged as a winner in the end. I did Splitsvilla before this but this show gave me the confidence to win it on my own. It was necessary for me to understand my capabilities.

6. Who did you miss the most?

My younger brother Prince. He's my life.

7. And what about Varun did you discover that you weren't aware of before?

He has a clean heart. He doesn't realise when people do wrong to him. He is an emotional person.

8. What was your mother's reaction when you came out?

Her happiness was beyond words.

9. Anything you regret doing on the show?

I was myself. Whatever I said, I meant it.

10. So, you don't regret being with Priyank?

Honestly, no. Once we realise what a bad experience looks like, you always appreciate the good in life. I am happy with Varun today and I know that he is good for me.

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 11. How is life treating you after Ace of Space?

It is amazing. I am working with Roadies and the best part is that I have Varun with me. So, work, love and travel is what my life looks like right now. We both might come together in a web-series. I also have a Gujarati film signed up and one Bollywood project as well. I have an International show coming up starting from 14th January. 2019 is going to exciting!

12. With Varun in Delhi and you in Mumbai, how is the relationship going to shape for you both?

We both keep travelling but I will make sure that Varun shifts to Mumbai for good this year. Trust me, a girl can make that happen.