Princess Diana was a rebel, she never quite fit into the Royal mould. Suffice to say, her approach to life caused problems in her marriage.

She seemed to be too much of a free spirit to be a Royal. And reportedly, after years of marital strain and four years of separation, Prince Charles and Princess Diana formally divorced in August of 1996.

Princess Diana tiara
Princess Diana smiles wearing a Cambridge tiara during a dinner and a reception at the British Embassy in Washington, DC on November 10, 1985.REUTERS

Prince Charles, Princess Diana's marriage was marred by controversies

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage was marred by its fair share of controversies and scandals. Both Royals were guilty of cheating, Charles most famously with long-time love and now-wife, Camilla Parker Bowels. As the future King of England, Charles' status as a divorcee is particularly scandalous.

During their separation, Princess Diana kept herself busy with her social work. She even went on to give an exceptionally open interview to the BBC where she laid herself bare.

Duchess Camilla, Prince Charles
Duchess Camilla, Prince CharlesReuters

She revealed many things during the interview, as her battle with post-natal depression. She also went on to reveal her strained it rather not so great relationship with the Royal family. It is also known that the Queen played a part in the divorce, urging both parties to go through with it. Prince Charles later went on to marry Camilla.