When it comes to Bollywood being proactive when a movement is on, there's work to do. Actors are often trolled for speaking up on select few matters and for being silent when there's a need to speak. So when actors do speak up and do say something, there's little appreciation that comes their way.

Disha Patani turns 28 tomorrow and celebrating the actress' birthday, we're looking at the 3 times she took a stand and spoke up. On the Malang girl's special day, these are some of her fierce moments.

Disha Patani

3 times Disha Patani fiercely took a stand

Disha Patani is known for her performance in Malang, the actress has over 35M followers on Instagram making her a huge social media star. With the kind of influence she holds and her audience, from time to time she speaks up on matters. The same can't be said for all of Bollywood

#1 When she opened up on cyberbullying

Disha Patani
@dishapatani on Instagram

In 2018, the Baaghi 2 actress had opened up about trolls on her photos and videos and the social media hate. She hit back saying, "I don't care what people have to say about me or their comments on my posts. I am not uploading anything for their approval. It's just me and my world." 

#2 When she saved a bird during lockdown

Disha Patani saves bird

Even as people were scared to step out during the lockdown and Coronavirus had gripped the world, Disha who has always shown love towards dogs and cats, stepped out to save a bird and took it to a clinic. 

#3 When she stood up against the murder of the pregnant elephant

Disha Patani had spoken about the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala after being fed a firecracker. The actress had tweeted about the news calling it 'heartbreaking' and demanded strict action. 

These are 3 times the actress spoke on matters that needed influential voices, hopefully we'll see her speaking up on more important issues and standing up for what's right, as we're sure she will. Happy Birthday, Disha Patani!