Jaanu movie cannot be called a blockbuster hit. It made good enough collections at the box office, but when compared to the film 96, it couldn't make it as big as the original one.

Samantha Akkineni played the titular role of Jaanu and audiences blamed her for the failure of the film and called her a flop heroine. Many celebrities have come to Samantha's rescue and said that it is not fair to blame an actress always for the failure of a film.

samantha akkineni
Samantha Akkineni in 'Jaanu' sari.Twitter

In a recent interview that she has given a tabloid, Samantha expressed her disappointment in being called a 'flop' heroine. In this interview, Samantha was asked why heroines don't do the kind of roles heroes do, the actress said it is difficult for heroines to bag a solo hit.

"How much ever hard heroines work, audiences don't appreciate. But if a star hero, in the film, is just seen walking, they go gaga over him. Such is the craze they have. Even if that hero gets three back to back flops, they watch the fourth film happily. Unfortunately, audiences blame the heroine of the hero's flop," said the actress who will next be seen playing a terrorist in the second season of Amazon Prime's The Family Man. For this show, she teamed up with Manoj Bajpayee and this marks the digital debut of the actress.

The Family Man
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Just because "Oh Baby" was a hit, Samantha feels that the audience will not accept watcher hit in another woman-centric film. "When compared to the kind of attraction that fans have, heroines don't even get one percent of it," she added.

Samantha is a very outspoken person and frank too. Earlier too, she spoke about the injustice that actresses get when it comes to remuneration.