Dirty Politics
Mallika Sherawat's 'Dirty Politics'Facebook

IBTimes India Rating: 1

You know you have committed a cardinal sin when you picked a movie over the India vs West Indies World Cup match. And you get a free ride to hell when it turns out to be "Dirty Politics".

This political thriller is the Crime Master Gogo of movies. Remember that pesky thief from "Andaz Apna Apna" who held himself in high regard, but whisked away with meagre loot each time? That's exactly how moronic this Mallika Sherawat starrer is. It's so pretentious, it will make you think Barbies are for real.

It tries to be this game-changing film but tumbles down a never-ending hill. Why, just why would any dancer suddenly have an urge to give politics a chance? Unless of course, she is Rakhi Sawant in parrot colors launching Rashtriya Aam Party. Okay, that's just more horrid.

An ambitious Anokhi Devi (Mallika) sleeps her way to the top of the political ladder but the lust for power doesn't end there. This superbly been-there done-them snooze fest takes a turn when she blackmails Deenanath (Om Puri) using a video of them making out. What folllows next, is what the film holds for you.

Trust me when I write getting slow-roasted over fire is a little less painful than watching Miss Item Girl get frisky with senior actor Mr. Puri, that too on a big, big screen. Shoddy narrative laced with dramatic dialogues, this film cannot be saved in any way.

Mallika goes OTT with her character, and her performance was more like that bottle of water which kept filling itself until it overflowed. Well, it's understandable considering the amount of time she has been away from films. Puri does justice to his unbelievable horny political figure and adds some value to "Dirty Politics".

A few days ago, director K C Bokadia said this will be a "trend changer". If convincing a stalwart like Naseeruddin Shah to do such a painstakingly boring fare means anything, then it has already changed the way people are looking at Hindi cinema.

Takeway: Dont' get yourself dirty.