Kim Min-Hee
Kim Min-HeeReuters

Kim Min-hee and Hong Sang Soo may have found happiness in their relationship, but their families haven't. In a series of recently revealed text messages between the actress' mother and the director's wife, it has become evident that both the families were perturbed when they had to accept their new reality, that of a broken family and the scandal of having an affair with a married man.

According to the latest news, Hong's wife exchanged a few text messages with Kim's mother in September 2015, when the director had already moved out of the apartment. The director's wife revealed these texts during an interview with Woman Sense.

Hong's wife tried to reach out to the actress' mother in an effort to stop the affair, but the texts quickly descended into what can be described as finger-pointing.

"Your daughter is an adulteress who ruined a happy family," an excerpt from Hong's wife's text read. But Kim's mother replied, "I raised my daughter well. Do not speak recklessly."

The rest of their conversation carried on in a similar fashion, underlined by their pain. In the end, however, the 34-year-old actress' mother finally replied, "The director will return once he realises something."

Soompi (via Woman Sense) reported that the "Night and Day" director stopped paying for his daughter's college fees once his relationship with Kim became widely known in the film industry.

"He said that since the film industry learned of his relationship with Kim Min-hee she was not receiving any offers for commercials and films. So he said that's why he had to support Kim Min-hee's economic losses," Hong's wife was quoted as saying.

Kim and the director met during the filming of "Right Now, Wrong Then" in 2015 and started dating soon after. It has been rumoured that her agency, Forest Entertainment refused to renew her contract after they found out that she's dating a married man. The agency's representatives haven't confirmed this though. 

The actress earlier dated Lee Jung-jae, Lee Soo-hyuk and Jo In-sung. However, she still hasn't made an official statement about her relationship with Hong.