Director Teja is a very straight forward person. He is known for slapping artistes of his film if they do not perform well or take too many takes. If Teja doesn't like any actor, he makes sure he never works with them. So strict he is when he comes to his principles and ethics.

Let us go back into the memory lane. A few years ago, Teja spoke to a YouTube channel where he was asked about the actors with who all he would want to work and would not want to. While Teja said that he wants to work with Kaman Haasan, Rajinikanth, Balakrishna, and others, he said he will never work with Jr NTR and Chiranjeevi.

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When the interviewer asked why, Teja said, "They live in their in own world. They have a different style and are not ever ready to do anything different from what they can and usually do. I cannot work with those kind of actors."

It was shocking for the audiences to see an experienced director like Teja saying that Chiranjeevi never wants to come out of his shell. If he never did, he would have never become the Megastar and an inspiration to so many youngsters who want to venture into movies.

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In the same video, Teja even said that these A-list and top actors of Telugu film industry are the reason why there has been a downfall in the market of Telugu films. "None of the newcomers are useful for Telugu film industry. They don't work or perform like their seniors. Newbies have got their market only because top actors have cut down the number of films they did in a year," said Teja.

When asked how come the market is affected, he said, "There is not much work for big producers or theatre owners. So they rope in newbies and small budget scripts. It just doesn't end there. Only if top actors begin doing more than five films in a year, there will be more profits from films."