Priyadarshan-Lissy at Semi Final Match Between Kerala Strikers and Bhojpuri Dabanngs
Priyadarshan-Lissy at Semi Final Match Between Kerala Strikers and Bhojpuri DabanngsVarinder Chawla

Director Priyadarshan and his wife Lissy, who were reportedly having a marital discord, have resolved their issues and are back together.

Rumours of trouble in Priyadarshan-Lissy's marriage emerged when the filmmaker was spotted alone in one of the celebrity cricket league matches played by Kerala Strikers team (owned by Lissy and actor Mohanlal). Speculations were rife that their relationship was strained and they were planning to get a divorce.

The duo reportedly had misunderstandings about each other caused by a person pretending to be their friend. It seems that the person was trying to create a rift between Priyadarshan and Lissy by telling each other things that they hadn't actually said.

But now the couple has sorted out the issues by having a face-to-face conversation with each other. And, who helped the couple to resolve the issues - it is none other than Kamal Haasan and his partner Gowthami, Mohanlal and his wife.

Lissy revealed to The Times of India that Kamal Haasan and Mohanlal helped them solve their troubles and save their marriage. "Our genuine friends and well-wishers were instrumental in resolving the issue and we thank all of them for their efforts. Mohanlal and his wife and Kamal sir and Gauthami were among our close friends who helped us clear this confusion," Lissy told the daily.

On Saturday (22 February), Priyadarshan and Lissy were spotted together at the seminal final match of celebrity cricket league season 4 (CCL 4), between Kerala Strikers and Bhojpuri Dabanggs, in Hyderabad. The duo looked happy and allowed shutterbugs to take photos of them. A source close to the Kerala Strikers team told TOI that the couple was seen holding hands together and attending the after-party to celebrate Kerala team's success in the semis.