Your children may be addicted to tablets and phones even before they learn how to walk, but Bulbul will ensure that this addiction is put to good use. The app created by Prakash Dantuluri, the Telugu filmmaker best known for films like "Satyabhama" and "Om Shanti", aims to invoke the curiosity and creativity of children between the ages of six and nine years old.

Bulbul app is the result of one child's unquenchable thirst for stories, and his curiosity. It allows storytellers, artists, animators and voice artists to collaborate and put together a beautiful story that even pre-schoolers can enjoy.

"As a film maker, artist I realised my heart lay in the world of visual storytelling. I wanted to create a brand in the digital medium that had a distinctive and modern face - a face that was engaging, more personal, more interactive – and a comprehensive digital apps library that embraces modern technology and puts the child reader and parent trust foremost in the process," says Dantuluri.

The filmmakers dream has come true, and the app, which was launched a mere five months ago, has over 50,000 followers on FaceBook and over a million views on YouTube. "Princess and the Pea", one of the stories that featured on Bulbul, became the No.1 e-book in 14 different countries.

It is understood that 30% of Bulbul's FaceBook fans are Pakistani mothers, proving that emotions are universal. "We were recently approached by a Chinese content aggregator. They loved our Krishna series so much so that, they are creating a whole new category called 'Indian Stories' and offering our apps and videos in that category. We never thought of things like these," says Dantuluri.