Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani
Nitin Jani and Tarun JaniPR Handout

Nitin Jani and Tarun Jani are popular names in the film industries. They have directed, produced and written a lot of films and shows. Nitin and Tarun have been working in the industry for the past 10 years and have made a remarkable contribution. The Jani brothers next plan is to make a movie like Baahubali in Gujarati.

"Because Baahubali is one of the best Indian films. Both the parts of the films were a blockbuster. If we could make a film like that and of that grandeur for our Gujarati audience, it would really make us happy as filmmakers. We will first start with casting good actors who can nail the lead roles like the original actors. It's a big movie so we have to take it slowly to get it all right. So can't reveal much details," Nitin said in a statement.

They have recently made a Gujarati film called Aavuj Reshe, which did wonders after its release. Nitin Jani has a YouTube channel called Jigli and Khajur, which is quite popular among people of the region.

The Jani brothers have thousands of followers on their YouTube channel. His followers are always eagerly waiting for them to upload a new video.

Apart from this, Nitin and Tarun have also worked in several Star Plus and Colors TV shows. Their play called 'Khajur Nu Swayamwar' has been appreciated nationally as well as, at international levels.