Director Aashiq Abu, who is set to release his upcoming film "Rani Padmini", spent some time with his fans, who asked him questions related to his personal life and films.

During the Q&A session on social networking site Facebook, when Aashiq was asked about Manju Warrier, he said she is a genius. He also mentioned his interest in experimenting with all types of movies and added that everything inspires him while making films.

However, for some unknown reasons, the director has deleted the Q&A session from his Facebook page. 

The trailer of "Rani Padmini", which has Manju and Rima Kallingal in the lead roles, is expected to be released in the first week of October. The film is set to hit the screens on 23 October.

Co-produced by PM Harris, Muhammed Althaf, Mohammed Kassim and PV Sasi, the script of "Rani Padmini" is done by Syam Pushkaran and Ravisankar.

Cinematography has been handled by Madhu Neelakantan, while Saiju Sreedharan has edited the film.

Check out excerpts from the Q&A session below:

  • Aashiq Abu' Facebook Conversation with his followersAashiq Abu/Facebook
  • Aashiq AbuAashiq Abu/Facebook
  • Can you bring a different suspense thriller to the big screen or a different political movie?

I shall try

  • Can you do a single shot thriller?

I dont know

  • When we can expect the trailer for Rani Padmini?

October first week

  • Of all your movies, which one would you say was mostly inspired by a true incident/person?

Daddycool. My father

  • When you face setbacks in life, with whom do you sit with for relief? Or with whom do you wish for?

Now, my wife. Before it was my Mother

  • Which is your next project after Rani Padmini?

Don't know

  • Sir are you satisfied and why?

Yes, I am, I am an artist

  • What are the qualities you find with Manju Warrier as an artist?

She is a genius

  • As a filmmaker what kind of movies do you aspire to make and what are type of movies that you are sure is not your kind?

I love to experiment with all types of movies.

  • Film or Digital.. which one you prefer and why.. ?

Its just technology

  • Is Rani Padmini a road movie like Neelakasam Pachakadal?

That you have to decide after watching it

  • What inspires you before coming up with different subjects ? For ex -22fk was on women strength, Da Thadiya was about feel good whoever you are, Idukki Gold was about friends forever, Rani Padmini looks like follow your passion - so what inspires you?

Everything inspires me. Whatever I see or listen.. Even talking to you inspires me