Dipa Karmakar and Hrithik Roshan
Dipa Karmakar and Hrithik RoshanPR Handout

Recently, Olympian Dipa Karmakar won the nation's hearts with her undying spirit for her game. The whole nation was rooting for her and is super proud of her to have created history.

But when asked her who she is a big fan of ? She immediately said it is superstar Hrthik Roshan.

In one of her recent interactions, Dipa expressed how she is a huge fan of Hrithik Roshan. She also loves the way he dances and is looking forward to watching his recently released film "Mohenjo Daro."

When contacted, Hrithik Roshan shares, "I am honored. But I think I am the bigger fan here. The spirit with which she played, she won all our hearts. At the same time she seems so unassuming sweet and vulnerable in her demeanor. She helped me drive home the point I keep making to my kids that the most important thing is not to win but to give your 100% which she did."