Dipa Karmakar
Dipa Karmakar has already achieved glory India. How far will she go now?Reuters

Dipa Karmakar created history as she became the first Indian gymnast to qualify for Olympics, which will be held in Rio in August. Several famous personalities from glamour and sports world have congratulated her for making Indians proud.

The 22-year-old girl Tripura gave a strong performance at the final qualifying and test event in Rio de Janiero on April 17. After missing the opportunity at the Olympics in November 2015 at the World Championships, she made a mark this time and finished ninth in the first four sub-divisions of women's artistic category.

Since India's independence, 11 Indian male gymnasts have taken part in the Olympics, but this will be the first for an Indian woman at the Olympics. This is not her only achievement, Dipa has created history earlier as well.

She was the first woman gymnast to win a bronze medal in the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow. Then, in November 2015, she featured in the finals of World Championships as the first Indian woman gymnast. And, now she has made India proud again by becoming the first woman to win the bronze medal at Rio de Janiero.

Twitterati, including celebrities, congratulated Dipa and in fact, her name is trending on Twitter with hashtag #DipaKarmakar. Take a look at the tweets here: