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Dina Manzo of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" reportedly threw a tantrum on Sunday's reunion taping when she found Jacqueline Laurita's daughter Ashlee Holmes on the sets, according to a new report.

Holmes, a make-up artist, was present to do Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri's makeup, but Manzo wanted her niece to be removed from the show, reported Radar Online.

"Dina flipped out," a source told the outlet. "As soon as she saw Ashlee, Dina threw a little tantrum and asked to have her removed."

Reportedly, Bravo bowed down to Manzo's demand, and soon Holmes was removed from the main floor. However, this did not stop Manzo from railing about her niece and sister-in-law.

"Dina was ranting and raving that she will never film a show with Jacqueline ever. I suppose she thought Jacqueline was going to show up to the reunion since Ashlee was there, but Jacqueline wasn't because she was set to be a keynote speaker at an autism conference for the Talk About Curing Autism Foundation in California that day," the source noted.

Manzo has been upset ever since it was announced that Laurita will be back on the show, and the former is reportedly worried that her sister-in-law will spill out all her family secrets to the other cast members.

"Dina is terrified that the truth about all the Manzo drama will come out and she will be seen as a problem rather than this Zen, peaceful person she hopes to appear," a source told RadarOnline in September. "She will stop at nothing to ensure that this doesn't happen and that her image is held up."

Apparently, Manzo even succeeded in preventing Bravo from airing a segment where Laurita spoke about her feud with her sister-in-law and how she found it petty. Their family drama will be a major storyline, and Bravo is sure to milk it to boost their ratings.

"The issues between Dina and her family are definitely involved, and would take more than a few episodes to hash out. Dina is making it known that she will quit if Bravo brings back Jacqueline full time, but at the end of the day, she needs money, so she may just agree to it," the source added.