Shah Rukh Khan is one of the few actors in the industry who can make and take jokes. His latest release, "Dilwale", opened to vile critics' reviews but impressive audience response.

But that didn't mar the superstar's spirit one bit. He took them in his stride featuring in a Shuddh Desi Gaane spoof of the hit romantic number "Gerua".

Red Chillies Entertainment shared the link to the YouTube video on their official Twitter page writing, "It takes a big heart to forgive.We forgive you @Shudhdesigaane for this parody of Gerua. Guys, watch till the end."

This isn't the first time that SRK has done something of this sort. During the release of "Chennai Express" he had starred in The Viral Fever's "Barely Speaking with Arnub" video.

He has always been the one to embrace digs thrown at him and give it an interesting twist for added effect.

Known for his wit and charm, the actor is open to sarcasm and wisecracks.

After his marketing blitzkrieg for "Ra.One" backfired, he was seen selling products with the film's poster pasted on each of them at a popular award show. Of course it was part of a gag, but he didn't shy away from taking the failure sportingly.

The superstar, however, believes that his statements and jokes often get misconstrued. "There is so much information today and so little time that the 'misconstrue' part happens. I think some of the people are extremely uneducated because they don't even understand a joke, I'll be very honest," he told Bollywood Life in a quick chat last year.

Check out the parody version of "Gerua", below: