The verdict of the case pertaining to "Dilwale" being screened along with "Bajirao Mastani" in single screen theatres has reportedly been declared in favour of the Shah Rukh Khan starrer.

The Bombay High Court said that Eros International's contract with single screen theatres cannot restrict the latter from screening "Dilwale". However, the makers of "Bajirao Mastani" can claim damages, if any, from the single screen theatres, according to reports.

Speculating the box office clash, "Bajirao Mastani" distributor Eros International had a deal with several single screen theatres during the release of "Tanu Weds Manu Returns".

According to the contract, all those single screen theatres are bound to screen only Ranveer Singh starrer "Bajirao Mastani" for at least the first one week of its release.

However, owing to the high demand for "Dilwale", some of the single screen theatres decided to screen the SRK starrer as well, causing an alleged breach in the contract. Sunil Lulla of Eros International soon filed a case at Bombay High Court against all those single screen theatre owners.

However, the court ruled in favour of single screen theatres, which will directly boost the box office business of "Dilwale".

"Single screens have been told that they can release 'Dilwale', but then Eros reserves the right to claim damages from them," quoted a source as saying.

"This in turn implies that the single screens who do not wish to pay damages can restrain from releasing 'Dilwale'. But it's difficult that any single screen owner would like to ignore Shah Rukh Khan and put all his eggs in the 'Bajirao Mastani' basket," the source added.

It was earlier reported that "Dilwale" distributor PVR Cinemas had booked most of the multiplexes as Eros International had an upper hand for "Bajirao Mastani" in the single screen theatres. However, after this court's verdict, "Dilwale" is likely to enjoy business from single screen theatres too.