The third poster of "Dilwale" is out and yet again it is a "D" with a heart in it. While, the first and second posters resembled ice and car parts, respectively, the third poster of "Diwale" resembles guns and bullets, giving it a gangster like look.

Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the movie "Dilwale" is a highly awaited flick but the makers of the film are not willing to break the suspense concerning the looks of the stars, so early.

With the "D" poster being released in quick successions, #DforDilwale has become a popular hashtag on Twitter.

Red Chillies Entertainment released the third poster on Friday with the caption, "Get ready to watch the Gangsters of Love in action on December 18th! #DforDilwale (sic)."

Apparently, director Rohit Shetty and the film's producers are trying to create more frenzy for the film before they reveal the looks of Shah Rukh, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.

However, the main poster may get released any time soon as the trailer of "Dilwale" will be out on 9 November.

While, the film will bring back the iconic pairing of Shah Rukh and Kajol back on the screen, Varun Dhawan will play the role of SRK's brother and Kriti Sanon's love interest.The film is slated to get released on 18 December.

Check the latest poster below.