Shah Rukh Khan is one of the few actors in the Hindi film industry who can laugh at failures and embrace criticisms the way it should be.

Not many superstars would risk their reputation featuring in spoof and parody videos making fun of the work they have done, but SRK did and how. After starring in the "Gerua" parody video by Shudh Desi Gaane, he, very bravely, went all out in The Viral Fever's "Bhaag Jeetu Bhaag" short film.

At a time when everyone's going nuts over how awesome SRK and Kajol look onscreen and that they are 'the' most romantic couple the movie world will ever find, Jeetu sits in a packed theatre saying how there are other jodis out there who are as good as them.

Just when he says that a pack of 'unemployed fans whose only job is to protect their almighty's interest' enters the theatre chasing Jeetu out of it. He is then finally taken to the couple's lair, where he's bombarded with random questions and finally converted into a SRK-Kajol fan.

The best bit about the fun video is how the "Dilwale" stars sat through and actually participated in all the digs and jabs around their pairing. It's always refreshing to see actors of such magnitude take a detour and do something different.

Watch the video, below: