Dilpreet Kohli
Dilpreet Kohli

Dilpreet Kohli's story of life and career will help you get out of bed and start anew. Dilpreet Kohli is a popular comic and YouTuber, whose dream was to break off, but with his sense of humor, along with dedication and hard work, he chased down another dream.

The family spoke a lot about what Dilpreet wanted in life. "Some days I wanted to be a fashion designer. On others, to be an entrepreneur. When I came back to India from Melbourne, after completing an MBA in Marketing, I decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and started a food company. For years I prepped for it. But when I started working right out of college, I quickly found that my vision had failed. I was pretty bad at starting my own business. But I got lucky! I found the right people who pushed me to start my own YouTube channel. I made my first video titled Are We Really A Singh? The video really took off! In two months, I went from 200 followers to 15K with 1 million-plus views on Facebook! It wasn't always easy. I experienced some ups and downs in my work. I was slow to get more subscribers on YouTube! My content became pointless after a while. I thought of quitting, but my team stepped in and gave me a new vision.

I love my job because each day is different. Yesterday, I was a comic character, today I am doing an intense role. All due to the people who helped me, starting with my mom, then with my team who became my support and most importantly, my audience.

All my content is observational, and it comes from personal experience. I am working on a sitcom Funny Days With Kohli, which will be my first comedy show. The show will be live on YouTube in January 2020," he says.

Dilpreet Kohli is on Instagram and he said, "I talk to my fans and a lot of them message me. They're sweet and have questions about how I started my YouTube channel and relationships, or even body shaming. I want to help them and try to make them feel positive."

Dilpreet is a real meaning of what is to be followed by heart, without fear of demitting of what we genuinely want to be.

Well done Dilpreet! Keep us smiling with your amazing videos!