Villali Veeran
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"Villali Veeran" starring Dileep in the lead has opened to poor reviews.

The film, directed by debutant Sudheesh Shankar was released on 6 September.

The Dileep starrer is said to be a below average film by most of the reviewers. Though touted as a comedy film, comical aspects are said to be lacking in it.

The film is reviewed as a typical Dileep film with same old drama and sequences filled with actions, dialogues, frightful villains and double meaning jokes.

The film also has Namitha Pramod, Mythili, Nedumudi Venu, Siddhique, Ganesh Kumar, Kalabhavan Shajon, Lalu Alex, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Saju Kodiyan, Suresh Krishna, Seetha, Vinay Prasad, Geetha Vijayan, Valsala Menon and Neena Kurup in important roles.

Plot: The story revolves around Siddharthan (Dileep), who is a humble vegetable trader from a small village. He shoulders all the responsibilities of his family and is someone who is ready to sacrifice everything for his sisters. The quest for wealth leads him to a lot of troubles and the film deals with how he comes out of it.

Here are the reviews of "Villali Veeran" by various critics:

The Times of India: "Riding on the wave of the super hit movies such acts have earned him, Dileep has now assumed an air of supreme confidence to such an extent that he wouldn't even mind mimicking even Gautama Buddha, for a purpose only he and the director know best."

"The songs are colourful, the beats are loud, the rhythms are piercing, though none of them last longer than a bubble. Unfinished high-floor buildings with piled up construction materials form the stage for action sequences, the director even going a step further to orchestrate a terrorist attack in the middle."

"However Dileep as an actor infuses his character with so much energy and faith, never letting a tinge of tiredness creep into it, with a truly saint like patience, placing the film a notch above mediocrity." "There is some infusion of romance and a bit of impersonation, confusion and what not. Namitha Pramod plays Narmada who causes so much consternation to the protagonist. Love can flower, but only after the customary build up. The idea of a financially emaciated hero trying to marry a rich girl to tide over the crisis of his life, is something which has been portrayed in different manners in different films. Flash back scenes which try to explain the present plight of the hero are absolutely shambolic. The spate of twist, turns add to the confusion. Badly choreographed songs and loud background score add to the woes of the audience."

"The biggest liability of the movie is the lack of humour quotient that is not adequately worked out. To avoid double entendres and work out fresh humour takes a bit of imagination. And except for Dileep who tries to punch above his weight. Few characters leave much of an impression. Nedumudi Venu, Siddique, Kalbhavan Shajon, Mythili, Seetha etc utter hollow lines and enact half baked roles. Namitha Pramod looks gorgeous ad she is one of the saving grace of the film." : "The entertainment factor of the film is very much limited to its typical dialogue jokes. There are a lot of hero worshipping sequences which feels pretty hollow with its amateurish presentation through outdated dramatic dialogues. The script just can't sync all the events properly. The romance and the entire second half of the film are in extremely different ends. The level of exaggeration and typical revenge will bore you for sure. Characters are taken from the familiar Udayan Sibi films and the coincidence level is alarmingly high. The kind of twists and events happening towards the end was too much to tolerate."

"Sudheesh Shankar's direction is not so smart. Well there is a limit in blaming the direction when the script itself is lame. All those Buddha reference in the movie was mighty bore thank god they didn't titled the film as Buddhettan. Dialogue humor was there for the rescue. Music and BGM was poor. Cinematography was okay.Overall Villali Veeran is as good as Mr. Marumakan and Sringaravelan. If you enjoyed those films, you can enjoy this one too. Families will go and the movie will be a sure hit".