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Amid the latest controversies, Dileep's Malayalam movie Ramaleela finally hit the theatres on Thursday, September 28, after postponing its release date multiple times.

BREAKING: Actor Dileep gets conditional bail in actress assault case

On the opening day, the political thriller was screened in 129 theatres in Kerala and will be released in 62 screens in rest of Indian markets on Friday, September 29.

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Though there exists an online campaign to boycott Arun Gopy's directorial venture in the wake of Dileep's arrest in connection with the sensational actress abduction case, the opening shows are said to be having a good theatre occupancy all over the state.

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Looks like many of the viewers are of the opinion that they will support the movie because apart from the accused, hundreds of people are also part of the project. In surveys conducted by media, many others have opinioned that if the movie opens to positive response, they will watch it in theatres. Some celebrities have also requested the audience to support the movie.

Ramaleela's plot has strong parallels with Dileep's real life?

Meanwhile, the promo videos of Ramaleela have already raised audience's curiosity as the storyline of the big budget entertainer draws many similarities with the incidents that unfold in the real life of Dileep.

Watch Ramaleela second teaser

From the punchline "looks like somebody deliberately wants me to be named an accused" to a poster in which he is seen performing someone's death anniversary rituals under police escort have "real-life connection" in many ways.


"When Advocate Ramanunni (Dileep) is offered an MLA seat in Aayikkara, he is thrown headfirst into the dirty abyss of politics.What ensues is a cloak and dagger game where it is impossible to survive unless he plays along. Watch how Sakhavu Ramanunni plans his moves to play the fine line between politics and family," reads the synopsis of the movie.

Cast and crew

Prayaga Rose Martin appears in the female lead in the thriller, which also has Mukesh, Vijayaraghavan, Kalabhavan Shajon and Renji Panicker in pivotal roles. With Ramaleela, yesteryear actress Radhika Sarathkumar makes her comeback to Mollywood and will be seen as Ramanunni's mother Sakhavu Ragini. 

Ramaleela is the debut directorial venture of Arun Gopy and Sachy has penned its script. Music composer Gopi Sunder, cinematographer Shaji Kumar, editor Vivek Harshan are also part of the project, which has been bankrolled by Tomichan Mulakuppadam of Pulimurugan for approximately Rs 15 crore.

Meanwhile, Ramaleela will be facing a tough competition with Dileep's ex-wife Manju Warrier's family entertainer Udaharanam Sujatha at the Kerala box office.

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Check out audience response on Ramaleela here:


hats off Arun Gopi... Hats off Dileepettan must watch Ramaleela... going to break box office... even awesome thinks it's an awesome. no more words to say

Jebin Alex

A best come back movie from Dileep.Debutant Arun gopi did well by keeping a momentum through out the movie.A fast paced political thriller is waiting for you.Go ahead and grab your seat.

Gokul Pisharady

Newcomer Arun Gopy marks his directorial venture featuring Dileep in the lead role ,and undoubtedly it's an excellent political thriller movie.Ramanunni(Dileep),who was the MLA of revolutionary party CDP,crosses over to the opposition party NSP as the candidate for the by-election.He was then accused for the murder of a senior political leader and how he manages to prove his innocence is what Ramaleela all about.The director makes an excellent debut by delivering a decent political thriller.Dileep unlike his older characters,delivered a matured character probably his best in recent times.Sachy ,the writer of this film has nailed it with well written screenplay and crispy dialogues.Sidiqque as usual delivered an excellent performance.Music by Gopi Sundar to deserves an applause.In whole Ramaleela is definitely an engaging political thriller ,probably the best political thriller in recent times.Forget the actor,just grab the tickets ,you may like it for sure.
Rating -3.75/5


Ramaleela is not just a political thriller. It has nice comedies ., mass and class scenes etc... Director arun gopy executed the film nicely .. Go and watch with your friends , and family...


it is an excellent movie with good script with awesome direction..dileep proved that he is a good actor..it is a political thriller with standard comedy..kalabavan shajone doing it very well...it is a good family entertainer..

Nixia Hassan

Neither am I a film critic nor a dileep supporter. But after watching #ramaleela I couldn't resist posting this, as many of my friends wanted me not to watch this just coz its a #Dileep movie.
Coming to the movie, Ramaleela is absolutely a genuine political thriller movie to watch in theatres itself which doesn't leaves any hint of boredom unlike the usual comedy or so called 'chali' genre movies of Dileep. Though they could fit in with essential comedy elements as well. A movie orderly arranged and rendered.
And when it comes to Dileep's case, a movie is a social art form of hundreds of efforts and not just of the mainstream actors. Abandoning a Dileep's movie is way similar of abandoning a "religion" just coz there are some frauds in the top front.
I haven't heard of someone who switched off his/her religion because of the fake or criminal human gods.
This movie shouldn't be degraded. It's worth promoting as well.
And yeah, if the career of Dileep is going to cease, Ramaleela is a good movie to finish it off in style! A good serious acting of Dileep after ages as well!! Shajon rocked his role,i must say.
Movies like #Ramaleela states how badly the industry would miss him if the allegations are true
May the truth prevail


i went in for sake of the new director. but its such a waste movie... very lagging and usual formula. nothing entertaining. there were hardcore supporters in theatres and even they died off in spirits lateron.


Strong script. Controlled acting by dileep and raghavan. Excellent movie. Hats off to arun gopy. There is a little lag bt still keeps the audience thrilled


really excellent one ! definitely suggest to all a good family entertainer worth of money Songs are also above Average Recommended to all even if you hate him :)


A brilliant comeback from dileep and his screen presence was amazing. perfect script and direction took the whole movie to another level. must watch and do with that your family :)


Another flop added to his account. Total waste of money. Nothing worthy. Same type of movie what he made before. Better he should stop his acting career.

Nandu Krishnan 

Haven't seen such a well crafted suspense thriller anytime soon after Drishyam.
Brilliant Direction, Screenplay and Performance all over..
#RAMALEELA what a wonderful movie it is.
Dileep polichadakki.
Don't miss it...it will never disappoint u.

Athira Sahadevan

#Ramaleela - #Superb political thriller.Brilliantly direted,entertaining 1st half & a thrilling 2nd half filled with good comedy & emotions.Great performances from entire crew.Undoubtedly #Dileep's best movie in recent time.Go and watch it in your earliest time u will not b disappointed 3.75/5*

Subish Ps 

Ramaleela is a perfect political thriller movie.perfect script+twist and perfect direction.ee padathinte climax kanumbam thonnum dilipinte lifente climaxum ithu thanneyayirikkum ennu.pakka entertainer movie ramaleela must watch

Aneetta John

1)Dileep'S Class & Mass Performance
2)Arun Gopy'S Direction
3)Other leading Actors Performance(Especially VijayaRaghavan&
4)GopiSundar's Songs & Terrific BGM
5)Solid Script & Neat Screenplay
6)Interval block
7)Good First half
8)Superb Second half&Climax
9)Shajikumar'S DOP

1)Lag Portions in First half(Slow start)
2)Editing(bit lengthy)
#Verdict:Ramaleela is the one of the best political thriller movie and Dileep'S best in recent times.


kerala politics shown in better way superb performance from dileepettan hats off to the cast and crew of ramaleela.. sure shot blockbuster..watch with your families

Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil

1: Direction
2: Story
3: Screenplay
4: Cinematography
5: Editing
6: Art Direction
The story can be confusing but giving more focus will solve this issue
* ONE WORD : Ramaleela is absolutely a best high packed and a genuine thrilling political movie to watch in theatres itself

The story and screenplay of the movie was done by Sachi and the direction was handled by the debutant director Arun Gopy.
As a political thriller drama the movie have every component to make the viewers to engage within the film. The writer Sachi had bring some new ideas in making the plot of the movie as fresh and new. The inner and darker shades of political parities in Kerala was well written by the writer. Most of the political films use to show the fights among the parties and here in Ramaleela the same pattern is following but the writer doesn't forget to bring up new and engaging ideas which was good and interesting. Moreover the twist and turns in the film will make every viewers thrill. The suspense in the movie won't be easily predictable because its hard to imagine. The movie is targeted for those like political thrillers and also for family audience and for them the movie is gonna be a treat. An another plus factor of the entire writings in the movie is the writer had carefully worked out well to avoid the overdramatic scenes. The way the movie travels can make a little bit of confusion but giving more focus to the story can make everything easy.

Dileep played the character Ramanunni. The performance was truly excellent. This is the kind of performance what we are expecting from Actor Dileep. As an energetic political leader the entire acting was passionate and dedicating. The anger scenes was daring and the emotional scenes were safer at the hands of Dileep. Dileep steals the entire show by his one man performance. Prayaga Martin played the character named as Helena. She was having many crucial roles in the movie and her performance was really good.

So overall Ramaleela had landed up to a safe zone with its powerful script and by the good direction. The movie is really a wroth watch film in all manner and If you love to see a good political thriller movie then Ramaleela is an absolutely perfect choice.
* RATING : 8/10

Sarath Jinaraj

Yes #janapriyanayakan is back with a bang. #ramaleela is not an usual Dileep movie. Its a mass political thriller that makes it diffrent. Script to be said the hero. Kudus to Arun Gopi for his excellent direction and Gopi Sunder for his brilliant scores.
NB: Even with knowing the story in advance, it doesn't made me bored even for a second. But strictly recommended to be watched without knowing anything in advance.

Sajan K Mathew

Ramaleela a good political thriller, brilliantly executed, congratultions dear Arun Gopy

Balaji Balachandran

Movie :Ramaleela
Genre :Drama political thriller
Watched Ramaleela Most Awaited movie ,In One Word i Will Say one of the best political thriller in Recent Times ,Big Congrats to Arun Gopy and entire Crew and Good Perfomance from Dileep After a long tym ,Co Actors Performance is big plus Specially Mukesh ,Vijayaraghavan,Siddique ,Radhika Sharathkumar and Shajon ,Dileep -Shajon Combi Have been Superb ,Climax portions Is the big Plus ,Gopi Sundar Bgm and Cinematography Backs movie Very Well ,The only Negative is length though it Does not test your Patience. Overall Ramaleela is Decent Political thriller ,Congrats to Arun Gopy ur Hardwork Paid off ✌

Azil Vp

Movie: Ramaleela
Duration: 158min
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Dileep has changed the genre this time. A political thriller carrying a big suspense. Excellent scripting by Sachy. Great attempt from a debundant director. Could have improved the cinematography. This one is worth a watch.

Joyal Bright

Watched Ramaleela Movie - i LOVED it! ,one reason - SUPERB performance of my Dileepettan,polichu adaki kalaju mooperu <3,i felt very HAPPY to see him once again on the big screen this movie has good STANDARD , good making and direction BY Arun Gopy ! it has some CLICHE moments but avoid many cliche scenes too, there is no Unnecessary comedy,love scenes or songs . DIALOGUES,SCRIPT & PERFORMANCE anu main highlights of the movie; Siddiqueikka,mukeshettan elavarum avarudae role perfect aki. Gopi Sunder background music is thrilling ! CINEMATOGRAPHY is also done good.
minimum - HIT STATUS guaranteed anu ,rest is up to the audience ,i hope they will get entertained and i wish RAMALEELA TURNS TO BE A BLOCKBUSTER AT BOXOFFICE

Adarsh Aadhi

Watched Ramaleela...
1st tym for FDFS of a dileep movie..worth to watch..
And Yes, its surely a comeback of janapriyanayakan...
Its a usual political thriller with a good screenplay...
1st half little bit lagging .. But ok...watchable...
Second half polii...✌
And the climax is sooperb... Kiduvee.. Goosebumps
Some scenes and dialogues are really suits to current situation of dileep..
Overall a sooperb film..
Gonna hit the blockbuster

Aswin An

Ramaleela is a well scripted political thriller filled completely with political and party issues in the first half, comedy bits from shajon in the second half and an average climax. Dileep's much anticipated character role was handled with ease. Janapriya nayakan ❤

JamShid JalEel

#Ramaleela Simply Superb!! Perfect Making. MTown Once Again Gifted With A Good Debutant Director ✌ #Dileepettan - #Shajon Duo Nailed ❤ #Prayaga Was @ Her Best Compared To Her Past Shit Perfos. Kudos To #GopiSunder. Expecting A Good BoxOffice Support

Sivneeth C Mohan

Ramaleela Movie
is a Intelligently Written Brilliantly Executed Solidly Made Political Thriller Film
Dileep Ettans Best film till Date Kalabhavan Shajohn. Unbelievable Performance
#ArunGopy Sir Your Dream is a Blockbuster one..
Rting:4/5(Must watch)

Hari Kumar

First of All an big hats off To Dileep For Taking this Movie,after Doing many crap movies he has selected this Script.It Is not an regular Dileep with unwanted & Irritating Comedy & story.
Arun Gopy The Director of The film,Superb Direction.Script & dialogues by sachi.Movie started With Slow,Then picked up From after 30mins.Dialogues were Too Good.Many Dialogues & Scenes Matching Dileep's Current scenario.2nd half of Movie Memorize about Bigg Boss.Towards the climax the Movie is Too Good With twist & Turns.Good Cinematography & Editing was Soo Crisp.BGM was Superb,Played an huge role in the movie.
Casting was Good ,Main Highlight of the Movie Sidhique's performance & Shajon too.
Unlike other Dileep this Movie Doesn't have irritating & adult comedies.Doesn't have any crappy duet songs.
It was an experience watching this movie fdfs.
1st half was little Bit Slow
Dragged the Movie in some parts
Duration was Bigger.
#Verdict : Worth a Watch,Don't Miss this Political Thriller.
#Rating : 3.5/5

Vishnu Mohanan

#സിനിമയോടൊപ്പം Political thriller, A well crafted suspense thriller anytime soon after Drishyam.
Brilliant Direction, Screenplay and Performance all over..
Don't miss it...it will never disappoint you


Brilliant Debut from #ArunGopy.Seems good old days of thrilling political dramas is back in Mollywood Above all, top notch performance from Janapriyan Unpredictable Climax with Best BGM ✌✌goosebhumps ☺ From CLASS to MASS Level. PowerPack Script. Obviously, Strong Combaack from Dileep.
This Movie going to break Box Office for sure!
Kudos to Arun Gopy for his attempt.
My Rating 4/5 #MustWatch


#Ramaleela 3.5/5
Nice One
Decent 1st Half & A Superb 2nd Half
Screen play&direction (y)
Decent and controlled acting by dileep

Nithin Prakash‏

#Ramaleela Nice film. Perfectly directed.And our Dileep is back with a bang. Sure Super Hit. Go for it. Pakka Paisa vasool. My rating 3.75/5

Forum Keralam ‏ 

Good Old Dileep is back..and how #Ramaleela A solid political thriller superbly directed by debutant @arun_gopy .. Go For It

Lijo Pappachan

Watched Ramaleela.... A political thriller with various twists.....hats off to its script writer... He wrote this script with a forecasting thought.... Matches many contemporary issues relating Dileep'...

Allan J‏ 

#ramaleela An engaging first half coupled with superb performance from Vijayaraghavan and Dileep. Could've been trimmed down a little. Looks like another hit in the making for Dileep. Kudos to Arun Gopy for his attempt. Definitely a good watch.

Forum Reelz‏

#Ramaleela Interval Good First Half , Slow Start Then Changed It's Gear✌ Interval Block Dileep's Mass Re Entry. Good Movie with a solid scirpt and neat performance and a perfect debut by arun gopi Rating : 3.5/5

Razar George‏ 

Ramaleela Movie -One word #Janapriyanayagan Reentry Kalabhavan Shajohn kidilan Sidhique Arun Gopy 4/5

Shinu Thomas‏

#Ramaleela simply superb what a story and direction old dileep is come. Back now its time for janapriyan

Nidheesh Vrindavanam‏ 

Ramaleela Movie Best Political Thriller... Super & Unpredictable Climax... Drishyam Film Nothing Infront of #Ramaleela... a political thriller film... After Lion Film, Dileep rocked...

Sanath Sivaraj‏ 

Nice political Thriller from #Arungopi ! #Dileep 's powerpack performance in #Ramaleela Congrats @Arungopi @Dileep_Online

Movie Planet‏ 

Watched #Ramaleela Superb One. Good 1st Half & A Superb 2nd Half Direction , Script , Performance My Rating : 3.5/5

Afsal TouchRiver

Ramaleela- Well directed first half with strong screenplay,crispy dialogues and above all a towering performance from Janapriyan! Seems the good old days of thrilling political dramas is back in Mollywood. Waiting for second half #Dileep #Ramaleela


#Ramaleela - Good first half. Started slowly but later picks up ! Too many resemblance to Dileep's present condition. Neat & Engaging thriller...Dileep's mass comeback