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Poster of "Dil Rangeela" starring Ganesh and Rachita Ram in lead roles.Facebook -Dil Rangeela

Kannada movie "Dil Rangeela" has received decent reviews from critics. The film starring 'Golden Star' Ganesh and Rachita Ram is directed by Preetham Gubbi.

"Dil Rangeela" is a romantic comedy movie which released in 125 theatres across Karnataka on Friday, 7 March, 2014. Apart from Ganesh and Rachita, the movie also stars Priyanka Rao in a pivotal role. "Dil Rangeela" is set in the beautiful tourist destination Goa.

Movie Plot: In "Dil Rangeela", Ganesh plays the role of Preetham, who is a chef in a star hotel. The owner of the hotel tells Preetham to marry his daughter (Priyanka). Before wedding day arrives, Preetham heads to Goa for a short vacation but there, things change.

In Goa, he meets Rachita Ram who plays the role of Kushi, a very shy girl. She falls in love with Preetham. He then returns from Goa to marry Priyanka and finds Rachita at the Wedding. The interesting turn in the story is that Priyanka and Kushi are close friends. The rest of the plot remains on Preetham's decision, whether he has fallen in love with Kushi or if he is ready to marry Priyanka.

This film which is produced by K Manju, has original score and soundtrack composed by Arjun Janya. Other supporting roles in the film include Achyuth Rao, Yamuna and Srindhi.

Check out the critics review here:

 Shyam Prasad S of Bangalore Mirror writes: "Till the screen fades out during the interval, "Dil Rangeela" seemed to be the best film directed by Preetham Gubbi so far and also one of the best films in Ganesh's career. The second half spoils the potential build-up until that point. Not that the second half is bad, but every possible easy escape route is taken to wind up the plot, instead of exploring bigger possibilities. Overall, the film is still better than average and should extend the Golden Star's good run after Shravani Subramanya. The romantic comedy rekindles the glory days of the actor, re-establishing his image as a romantic star. What's more, in some of the sequences he looks younger than his ":Mungaru Male" days. Overall, the film is a good watch and won't disappoint anyone searching for two hours of good time."

Chitraloka.com writes: "Ganesh's image as a romantic actor gets a boost with "Dil Rangeela". After the success of Shravani Subramanya, this film gives him the much needed purple patch in his career. "Dil Rangeela" has comedy and romance in equal measure with some spice of family values and honesty thrown in.

Very rarely do we see the lead actor in our movies play something different. For a change, Ganesh in Dil Rangeela is a chef. Preetham Gubbi knows that giving the hero a different profession opens up the possibility of visualising different scenes and scenarios. The film however is a wholesome package with good songs, lovely visuals and funny dialogues. Venu's cinematography is another big hit. Preetham Gubbi also makes sure all the scenes are colourful and not just the story.

Ganesh, Rachita Ram, Priyanka Rao and Achyuth Kumar come up with good performances. Ganesh looks young and with Rachita makes a good romantic pair. The film is an entertainer and can also attract the family crowd."

Sandesh of Oneindia.com writes:  "Dil Rangeela" is another love story, where the unusual happenings bring the lead actors together and takes the story forward. Ranghayana Raghu's comedy can be considered as the biggest strength of the movie, without which Dil Rangeela would have been a disaster. By giving least importance to the story, director Preetham Gubbi has mainly concentrated on the technical aspects of the movie. The bird view shot in the beginning is the must watch and never miss scene in the film. Sensational music director Arjun Janya should be appreciated for the refreshing music.

Finally director Preetham Gubbi is the winner with Dil Rangeela. Though there is nothing new in the story, he has come up with innovative styles in the art of movie making. If you are Ranghayana Raghu's comedy lover or a Ganesh's fan, then Dil Rangeela is one time watchable. Storyline is the biggest drawback in the movie."