Shekh and Rachna
Shekh and Rachna

Travelling is the only joy by which one never gets bored. And lucky are those who have a travel partner to explore any place in the world. Shekh Hassan, 29 and Rachna Tahiliani, 28 are the people who are on a global journey. Hailing from the digital marketing background, both are Dubai based Indians. While Shekh has specialised in UX/UI, online ads and other digital aspects; Rachna has worked in popular agencies of Dubai including Trivium FZCO.

The duo met for the first time during their college days. They are graduates from Manipal University of Dubai after which they took up jobs to gain work experience. However, within some time of their work, they quit their jobs to pursue their dream of travelling. They have been working as online freelancers while travelling from one place to another. After being together for several years, they got hitched in November 2018 and since then they have travelled 11 countries.

Travel has been their passion since they got to know each other. But they stand completely apart from other travellers. Shekh and Rachna are not influencers as they pay the prices right from their hotel to their travel experience. While many influencers focus on collaborating with brands, this couple does not lay emphasis on paid brand promotions. In other words, their aim is to be real and not staged; thus they focus to live in the moment rather than trying to influence the audience.

Their blog named 'hanaintransit' has become popular on Instagram. The couple's blog name is a combination of their names – Haasan and Rachna, 'hana' while with 'intransit' their aim is to be real and not focus on pushing random brands on their page. For them to travel is to live and they have been inspiring their followers to live in the moment rather than capturing them.

Making their travel life sorted, Hassan takes care of photography and Rachna makes awesome itineraries which makes them ideal travel buddies. It has been many years now that the couple has been doing several jobs with just one goal – to travel across the globe together. Isn't that sweet?

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