Aakriti Rana
Aakriti Rana

Aakriti Rana is one of the most popular names on the digital platform. A content creator with an unmatched sense of style is a part of the top 100 digital influencers. She is a well-known fashion and travel influencer who is popular among youth. She is not just an Instagram sensation but also is a YouTuber. She started her journey as a fashion blogger and gradually with time she has brought a change with making efficient use of social media. The blogger feels that social media can help to make people aware of the trends and happenings in the world. More than fashion, Aakriti believes in making memories through travelling and letting people know about the lessons she has learnt from life.

The popular influencer laid emphasis on creating original and authentic content. She believes that people love relatable content and one must draw a fine line between paid content and original content. As far as her blogging journey is concerned, she has made her way among the top influential people on social media. While talking about her alternative career plan, she said, "I would study psychology and understand human behaviour to help people overcome all the stress they face. In this fast-moving competitive world and digital age, we really need to address the problems our younger generation is facing."

The travel blogger explained how she deals with flak and vulnerabilities on social media. She feels sympathised when people write mean and nasty things when they are not happy and in the right mind. Having said that, Aakriti Rana believes in vibe and always surrounds herself with positivity. "Make memories. They will last you a lifetime." This quote she lives by and that can be seen through her beautiful Instagram posts that shows her travel diaries across the globe. With more than 600K followers on Instagram and 122K subscribers on YouTube, Aakriti Rana feels that a huge fanbase can help you influence more people but what sort of influence you have on people is of utmost importance. Well, we totally agree with her thoughts about it. Being a top influencer, she feels that if an influencer is true to his/her work than the scope for influencer marketing is very bright. In today's time audience is smart to understand the kind of content they wish to watch.

Being the most successful name on social media, she feels that success is about having peace of mind. "You are successful when you find your happiness in every single day instead of wishing to be somewhere to be happy", she stated. While thanking her fans, Aakriti Rana said that she feels blessed to know that she has helped her followers to overcome difficult situations with her content. All in all, she is one of the most reputed influencers and we wish her lots of luck for future endeavours.

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