Sandhya Naidu

We have myriad influencers today, but do you follow all of them? No, right? The candidness of an influencer in this dubious online space is what makes them unique. Sandhya Naidu is one of them,

While the influencer is admired for her vogue and insightful travel stories, she is also loved for her flawless skin. And that, she is often swamped with messages asking about her skincare regime and makeup looks. Now, the influencer has finally revealed her beauty secrets.

She says she rigorously follows three important things for skincare. These are...

1. Eating clean

The influencer believes that what you consume reflects on your outer self. Therefore, she keeps her diet healthy and avoids eating junk food. You will often see her enjoying a bowl of fruits. She says, "Eating simple and healthy food has a cosmic number of benefits; getting good skin is one of them."

2. Stay hydrated

The benefits of drinking water are unquestionable. She drinks a lot of water to keep her skin hydrated and suggests the same. She religiously drinks three litres of water.

3. Using products infused with natural ingredients

Last but not least, she puts her firm belief in using natural ingredients or skincare products that include natural ingredients like Haldi, Chandan, Aloe Vera, Honey, etc. Moreover, she also promotes the Korean skincare routine as it uses rice water majorly, which is again a natural ingredient.

For makeup, you might have always seen her keeping her makeup looks modest and minimal. The influencer wears makeup according to the occasion. For her everyday look, you will see her donning the least amount of makeup, but when it comes to events, she tries to create the best look by doing eye makeup and wearing the perfect lip shade.

She says she has also worked with various beauty brands like NYKAA, Mamaearth, Mcaffine, The Derma Co, Good Vibes, L'Oreal Paris, Renee Cosmetics, Godrej Expert, Earthy Essentials India, Rejesure India, Atulya, The Faceshop India, Nature Nushka, Purplle, Vicco, St.Botanica, Plumgoodness and more.

Lastly, she asserted that: "You should also focus on inner peace and happiness. It's because you glow differently when you are delighted from the core."