Digital Cinema
Digital Cinema

Standing in support of the Artists and Talents, Digital Cinema App has created a unique platform stands for and by the Artists and Talents. Having the back support of a $50 Million dollar company – Romal Empire Invest, with sub-companies Lets Partii App, HotJug, Billionær Vodka, XYme App, Capital Neon Game, Undercover Fashion, Maximum Risk Productions and many other digital platforms and brands under it; allows Digital Cinema App to stand for what is just and give an equal platform where only Talent Matters and not money, likes and views.

Artists are being valued on the number of views, likes, and followers, and in all this, the talent has been lost. There is a bid going on the artists, the higher the views and likes the higher is the bidding amount for shows and events. With all the big names being exposed in the 'likes and followers' i.e. the social media scam. The talent has merely become a game of money and joke.

In conversation with the CMO & CFO of Digital Cinema App who by starting an exclusive section for Music has come in direct competition with other major platforms. The CMO of Digital Cinema - App Ryan Romal Johnsen states that: "Music is an essential part of our everyday lives and Music Videos are as important as Movies. But unfortunately, there are only a few platforms where you can showcase your Music Video and now the Major platforms are playing monopoly games with Artists. That's why we decided to create a Music Video section in Digital Cinema App to stand in support of the Artists where they can showcase their Music Videos". While the CFO of Digital Cinema App – Omid Romal Johnsen being on the financial side says: We are very much aware of the payment systems all the other major platforms are using, but for us, it is all about appreciating the Talents and giving them what they deserve. Hence, we have created our Payment System in a way that it benefits the Talents as much as it does for our company".

The internet is exploded with news, memes, and posts about these Big Artists being exposed and on the other hand major platforms putting out their rules with the underlying caption – 'My Way or the Highway'. Every platform is monetizing and irritating the audience with ads and forcing them to go premium, which has become a new hustle of managing multiple subscriptions for the audience. On the other hand, the artists are losing on the genuine audience amidst trying to showcase and earn at the same time, where they have to compromise either monetary wise or audience wise.

Hence, Digital Cinema App is officially launching on the 15th of August, 2020 as to mark the Independence of Artists and Talents to give them freedom from all these scams, monopoly, and power games of the so-called biggies and let only Talent Matter.