Vineet Singh

Vineet Singh is a famous Bollywood singer and the voice for some super hit Bollywood songs in movies and is also the runner up of a reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. But did you know Vineet Singh gets his melodious voice as a gift from his father?

In a recent interview, the singer shared, "Not many people know about the fact that my father is a very good singer and that's where I get my singing talent from. His dream was to be a singer but because of family responsibilities he could not pursue music."

"Just like parents quickly understand their children's strengths and weaknesses when they're young, my father recognized music to be my strength, and that very moment he decided that I'd be a singer. Personally, I didn't deny it either because the music made me happy too."

"I started singing at the age of 5 and by the age of 8, I was doing stage shows all across India. My father completed his dream through me and I am beyond happy to do so."

The secret is finally out and now we know where all the talent comes from. It's all in the blood. Vineet has made the absolute correct use of his talent by showcasing it to the world and is constantly on a rise.