Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani and Mathew Perry as Chandler Bing in Friends.Twitter

We have all watced Friends and by now we know what each of the characters do for a living. Ross Geller is a paleontologist, Joey Tribbiani is a struggling actor, Chandler Bing an IT specialist, Phoebe Buffay a masseuse, Monica Geller chef at a top restaurant, and Rachel Green a fashion merchandiser.  

Going by the titles, it wouldn't be surprising if one thought Green took home the fattest paycheck. But, according to this Independent report it is Tribbiani who had the last laugh when he bagged $1,30,000 (annually) for his role as Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives. 

While, the Geller siblings (Ross and Monica) took home $75,000 and $80,000, respectively. Bing and Green topped out at $1,00,000 and $55,000. 

You know that thing that people say, good things come to those who wait. While everyone in the group was on their toes, Tribbiani was running audition to audtion, cracking side roles and occassionally doing some theatre. 

Even though his expenses were taken cared of (hello, good roommate, Mr. Bing), Tribbiani did face a rough few years, when he couldn't pay for his date or coffee bills. However, the guy didn't take his failures too seriously, and kept at it until he got his big break on Days of Our Lives. 

Tribbiani's portrayal was received well and that showed in his paycheck. Shortly after people started to recognise him on the streets, he left Bing's apartment to a posh flat, where he stayed alone (mostly lonely). He would often miss being in the same area as his friends, but as a famous TV star he had a reputation to protect.  

Unfortunately, Tribbiani's run at showbiz was cut short post an explosive interview, in which he claimed that he wrote his own lines. His character, Dr. Ramoray, was killed off by being pushed into a elevator shaft, causing serious brain damage. 

His exit from Days of Our Lives made him realise he was neck deep debt and that most of his stuff had to be taken away by the credit card company. He moved to Bing's apartment a few days later. Interestingly, he was brought back on Days of Our Lives in season 7, in which he wasn't Dr. Romaray anymore. This time, he was Jessica Lockhart.