When actor Ranbir Kapoor and actress Katrina Kaif started shooting for Anurag Basu's Jagga Jasoos, AbRam was born. That was how the makers of the film kept a time track on how many years the film took to be completed. Jagga Jasoos had been one of the films, which took a long time to complete the shoot. It was shot in a phase when Katrina and Ranbir parted ways as lovers, but later, they kept their differences aside and shot, promoted their film together. 

Ranbir AbRam

"Actually the inside joke was AbRam was born when the time we started the shooting of the film, so we were counting the time by his age," Ranbir had said in an interview. In fact, the film got so delayed that the actor would often lie to people that he was shooting for other films such as  Tamasha, Bombay Velvet and avoid mentioning Jagga Jasoos. 

"Whenever I was shooting for Jagga Jasoos, I used to never tell people that I am shooting for a different film because I was tired of explaining the delay. I can't really defend the film every time. So I was like, I am doing Tamasha, some patchwork and etc." Ranbir had confessed in the interview.

It was one of the interviews where Ranbir had confessed that he did a big mistake by producing Jagga Jasoos and that he would no longer be a part of a coming of age film. Although the interaction with the team of All India Bakchod was held to promote Jagga Jasoos,  Ranbir had a more honest approach about the reality of the state of the film. 

Jagga Jasoos was one of the films which had had the potential to do better but unfortunately suffered a huge loss. However, cinematographically, script-wise, it remained an example of a beautiful mistake that the Hindi film industry should make more often for the sake of experiment.