With Rajinikanth much awaited movie Kabali slated to hit screens later this month, a rumour has surfaced online that the popular messaging app-maker WhatsApp released an emoticon to honour the South Indian superstar.

Emoticon in question is a hovering man in suit, whose face has some resemblance to Rajinikanth's Don character (Manikam) of his 1995's super hit movie 'Baashha'.

Word on the street is that the new WhatsApp emoticon is part of the marketing campaign for the upcoming movie Kabali.

Just a week ago, Kabali movie-makers in association with AirAsia unveiled special airplane having Rajinikanth's Kabali theme-based image engraved on it. They will be flying contest winners from Bengaluru to Chennai for the Kabali movie's first day, first show.

However, the WhatsApp's Rajinikanth's emoticon in question, is not actually the superstar. If Emojipedia is to be believed, its official name is "Man in Business Suit Levitating" and is based on Walt Jabsco logo of 2 Tone Records. The emoticon is not that new as well, it has been there on WhatApps since 2014.

We believe this to be a fan-made promotional campaign to evoke buzz around the movie. Rest assured, the levitating man in the black suit is not the Indian superstar.

The Kabali movie was supposed to get released on July15, but got postponed to July 22. The movie is scripted and directed by up-and-coming Pa Ranjith. Its story revolves around an ageing gangster. Kabali also stars Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Kishore, Kalaiyarasan and others.