Lee Ji-eun
Did Scarlet Heart Ryeo star Lee Ji-eun a.k.a IU go under the knife to enhance her looks?Instagram/Lee Ji-eun

Lee Ji-eun a.k.a IU, a South Korean singer popularly known among Kdrama fans as Hae Soo of Scarlet Heart Ryeo, has been under criticism for enhancing her looks with plastic surgery. But those accusations seem to be untrue as some of her admirers have come up with photographic evidence opposing the allegations. 

Ever since the 23-year-old Good Day singer rose to fame, several social media users claimed that she went under the knife to improve her eyes and skin complexion. According to them, she was unhappy with her physical appearance and took the help of a famous surgeon for skin whitening and double eyelid surgeries.

However, an admirer of IU came forward denying the allegations and uploaded several photos of her on the Korean micro-blogging site Pann. While some of the images are her childhood pictures, a few of them focused on her facial features during her debut and others featured her current looks.

"People claim that IU has had surgery and this picture is often used as 'proof'. I don't know why they did her makeup like that early on. Even during her debut days she didn't look that different except she was chubbier. It's just that stage that made her look weird," stated the social media user (via Koreaboo).

The uploader even claimed that it would not have been possible for onscreen Hae Soo to be active in the entertainment industry if she had gone under the knife. He stated that the healing of eyelid surgery would have taken several months forcing her to take a long break from her professional life.

"Even besides plastic surgery claims, people criticise her for allegedly getting skin whitening surgery. But the truth is that when IU debuted, her concept was gloomy, dark balads, plus they wanted her to look more mature so the company decided to use dark makeup. Even doctors admitted that skin whitening injections only show temporary results and do not lighten one's skin tone permanently," wrote the follower of Dream High actress.

The post immediately captured the attention of many of Ji-eun's fans, who extended their support to the uploader. They stated that the singer-cum-actress had a trip to ID Esthetics, a dermatology clinic, just for a simple skin care and it has nothing to do with plastic surgery.